Tableau de distribution étanche IP65

Tableau de distribution étanche IP65

Real IP65 waterproof distribution board
anti-UV ABS and PC
4ways, 8ways, 12ways, 18ways, 26ways


TOSUN IP65 Waterproof Distribution Board

The Best Protection For Your Outdoor Devices!

Waterproof Distrubution Box


Product Description

  • Standard IP65 waterproof HA series distribution board certified by SGS. Excellent performance on waterproof!
  • The casing is made from anti-UV ABS and PC. It is durable enough for long time outdoor use. Best choice for outdoor devices.
  • To protect the devices and ensure safety, fame retardant material is adopted.

Product Parameters

More Information

Model L W H
HA-4ways 140 210 100
HA-8ways 215 210 100
HA-12ways 300 260 140
HA-13ways 330 265 140
HA-18ways 410 285 140
HA-26ways 318 420 140
HA-54ways 410 655 141

  • How We Ensure High Waterproof Performance?

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Strict Inspection Carried Out On Each Lot Of Goods

  • How We Make It Convenient For Installation And Use?

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IP65 Waterproof Distribution Box

IP65 Waterproof Distribution board

Outdoor Distribution Box