Relais temporisé analogique

Relais temporisé analogique

24 to 240DC/AC AC: 24,48,110,220 DC: 12,24,48



Dimension 48H x 48W x 93.5D


Surface(-N) PF113A(E) PF083A PS-08
Flush(-Y) US-11 US-08  P3G-08
Full Timing Range 0.1SEC~100HRS
Rated Voltage (V) 24 to 240DC/AC     AC: 24,48,110,220     DC: 12,24,48
Indicator Operating Time Operating Flicker
O/P Contact Model H3BA H3BA-8 H3BA-8H
Time Limit 1C 5A
Time Limit 2C 5A 5A
Instantaneous 1C 5A
Life Mechanical 107 Times
Electrical 105 Times
Accuracy Repeat Error ±2% max
Setting Error ±5% max
Voltage Error ±5% max
Temp Error ±2% max
Reset time 0.5 sec max
Consumed Power 100~240VAC:10VA  12VDC,24~240VDC:1.5W
Ambient temperature -10℃~+55℃
Ambient Huminity 35~85% RH