Relais général avec lampe

Relais général avec lampe

MK3PN-I general relay
Terminal: 3Z, 11 pin
With lamp 11 Pin


MK3P-I and MK3PN-I relay is used in DC/AC circuit switching in various automation devices, process control and communication equipment …

The electromagnetic relay comes with lamp.


Specification Of MK3P(N)-I General Relay

Model MK3P-I MK3PN-I
Lamp without with
Terminal 3Z 3Z
Contact capacity AC 10A250V 10A250V
DC 10A30V 10A30V
Contact resistance (mΩ) ≤50mΩ ≤50mΩ
Insulation resistance (MΩ) ≥500MΩ ≥500MΩ
Dielectric strength BOC 1500VAC 1500VAC
BCC 1500VAC 1500VAC
Coil nominal voltage AC 6 to 380V 6 to 380V
DC 6 to 220V 6 to 220V
Coil nominal power AC ≤2.8VA ≤2.8VA
DC ≤1.6W ≤1.6W
Electrical life ( OPS) 105 105
Mechanical life (OPS) 107 107
Operating temperature (℃) -40~+60 -40~+60
Weight (g) ≤80 ≤80
Mounting Outlet Outlet