Relais de protection de séquence de phases

Relais de protection de séquence de phases

Control for connection of moving equipment (like site equipment, agricultural equipment, refrigerated trucks). Control for protection of people and equipment against reverse running. Normal/emergency power supply switching. Protection against phase failure of driving load. Control its own supply voltage (true RMS measurement). Set 8 kinds rated operating voltage through knob.



Classification Phase Sequence Protective Relay
Model  XJ11
Outline Dimension  45H x 76W x 98D
Mounting  Din Rail or Screw
Contact Capacity  220VAC 5A
Phase-sequence Error Phase failure:   ≤0.2s                     Over   Voltage:380V-460V               0.5s-5s   (adjustable)             Under Voltage:300V-   380V            1s-10s   (adjustable)                     Operation Voltage: Three   Phase               380V 50Hz
Lack Phase Unactivated
Lack Phase Breaking
10% Over Voltage /Under Voltage Testing
Three-phase Three-wire
Three phase Four-wire
Sensitivity Adjustment
Time Delay of Operation
Mechanical Life 107times
Electrical Life 105times
Ambient Temperature -5℃~+40℃
Ambient Huminity 45-85% RH