Relais de contrôle de niveau

Relais de contrôle de niveau

2 level control mode 1 level control mode Choice of function PUMP UP , PUMP DOWM. Adjustable time delay on the output(0.1-10s) Sensitivity adjustable by a potentiometer(5-100kΩ) Galvanically separated supply voltage AC/DC 24-240V Relay status is indicated by LED. 1-MODULE , DIN rail mounting.


level control relay

Model TRL8-01 TRL8-02
Function 2 level control mode 2 or 1 level control mode
Supply terminals A1-A2
Voltage range AC/DC 12-240V(50-60Hz)
Input max.2VA
Supply voltage tolerance -15%;+10%
Sensitivity(input resistance) Adjustable in range 5 kΩ-100kΩ
Voltage in electrodes max. AC 5V
Current in probe AC <0.1mA
Time response max. 400ms
Max. capacity length 800 m(sensitvity 25kΩ),200 m(sensitivity 100kΩ)
Max. capacity of probe cable 400 nF(sensitvity 25kΩ),100 nF(sensitivity 100kΩ)
Time delay(t) Adjustable,0.1-10s
Accuracy in setting(mechanical) ±10%
Temperature coefficient 0.05%/°C,at=20°C(0.05% °F , at-=68 °F)
Output 1xSPDT
Current rating 10A/AC1
Switching voltage 250VAC/24VDC
Min. breaking capacity DC 500mW
Output indication Red LED
Mechanical life 1×107
Electrical life(AC1) 1×105
Reset time max. 200ms
Operating temperature -20°C to +55°C(-4 °F to 131 °F)
Storage temperature -35°C to +75°C(-22 °F to 158 °F)
Standards EN 60255-1