Multimètre numérique série DT266

Multimètre numérique série DT266

Model: DT266 series
ACV: 750V±1.2%, 200-750V±1.2%
Jaw Caliber: Φ57mm



DT266 Series Digital Multimeter is a kind of portable clamp meter with auto range function. Easy to use.

Clear to read in dark working condition with Blue backlight

Data hold function for easy reading after measurement

Non-contact measurement ensures the measurement safety.


Model DT266 DT266C DT266F
DCV 1000V ±1.0% 200m-2-20-200-1000V ±0.8% 2-20-200-1000V ±0.8%
ACV 750V ±1.2% 200-750V  ±1.2%
ACA 200-1000A  ±2.5% 20-200-1000A  ±2.5% 200-1000A  ±2.5%
OHM 200-20k-200k-2000KΩ ±1.0% 200-20k-2M-20M-2000M ±1.0% 200-20k-200k-2000KΩ ±1.0%
Temperature Measurement -40℃~750℃ ±3.0%
-40℃~1832℉ ±3.0%
Frequency 2KHz ±3.0%
Continuity Buzzer
Data Hold
Accept Plug-insulation Tester

Adapter DT261

Jaw Caliber Φ57mm