Bornier TTK

Bornier TTK

Space saving: compact Tinned copper block: high conductivity IP 20 protection UL finger-safe: improved safety Cable fixing screw diameters >95% fill ratio: excellent electrical contact Safe connections Visual inspeciton of wire: confirmation of connection Hinged or removable cover: easy wiring Clip-on DIN rail or mount to panel with screws: easy fixing


Specification of TTK Terminal Block

Model Current Wiring Range of
Main Line Section
Wiring Range of
Branch Line Section
TTK-80 80A 1x16mm² 4x16mm²+2x16mm²
TTK-125 125A 1x35mm²+1x16mm² 6x16mm²
TTK-160 160A 1x70mm²+1x16mm²
TTK-250 250A 1x120mm² 2x35mm²+5x16mm²
TTK-400 400A 1x185mm²
TTK-500 500A 1x8x24mm²