Accessoires modulaires pour TSB1-63 MCB

Accessoires modulaires pour TSB1-63 MCB

Modular accessories for TSB1-63 MCB:
OF auxiliary, SD alarm auxiliary, MX+OF shunt tripper & auxiliary, MNS no voltage tripper, MV+MN overvoltage and undervoltage tripper


The modular accessories are to be installed on the side of MCB TSB1-63, with function of auxiliary contact, alarm auxiliary, shunt tripper, shunt tripper + auxiliary contact, no-voltage tripper, overvoltage + undervoltage tripper.


Model Rated Voltage Rated Current Width
OF Auxiliary 415 VAC 3A 9mm
125 VDC 1A
SD Alarm Auxiliary 415 VAC 3A 9mm
125 VDC 1A
MX Shunt Tripper 110V-400 VAC 3A 18mm
MX+OF Shunt Tripper & Auxiliary 24V-48 VDC
MNS No-voltage Tripper No-voltage 3A 18mm
Under-voltage 170±5% VAC
Over-voltage 275±5% VAC
MN Under-voltage Tripper 170±5% VAC 3A 18mm
MV Over-voltage Tripper 275±5% VAC 3A 18mm
MV+MN Over & Under-voltage Tripper 230V Under-voltage 170±5% VAC 3A 18mm
Over-voltage 275±5% VAC
380V Under-voltage 285±5% VAC
Over-voltage 470±5% VAC

Auxiliary 3